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After 2 years in Australia, I am finally back to Singapore to join the working force.

It feels good to be back home and stay tune for more update on webmaster tips for beginner and intermediate users.



Google Chrome has released its own web browser application on 2nd September. It is a tool that Google wish to use in order to capture the Browser market. However, for one main reason that may not be necessarily possible.

For instance, those Internet users who have Window Operating system, it is more likely that the Internet Explorers are already available for usage. The question in this case for an average Joe is why would I want to trouble myself to install another application, if the current application can do the job pretty well? Similarly, for those with Machintos OS, the Safari Browser is also installed. To me, no one wants another application if the current one is perfectly usable.

Personally, the reason of Chrome is just to keep the investors happy. Since the investors are more concerned about the bottom line – their investment, Google needs to keep on innovating and raising the share price. In other word, Chrome is just a gimmick for investor.


Canberra- Australia, 2nd September 2008

According to one source, if you have added a Facebook application that requested you to input your mobile number in return for the system to send you who has a crush on you. There are cases that such system can be so costly.

If you need to stop it, simply send a text reply that say: “stop”

Good luck


After a long two tedious years, Google plans to release its own web browser tomorrow in battle with Microsoft, according to the news source.

The mountain view company, Google named its browser as “Chrome”. Chrome will be released in 100 countries on Tuesday 2nd September 2008. Currently, the Chrome browser will only be available in windows operating system and the company is working on getting chrome browser to be compatible with other operation software in the soon future too.

For more details, please check the source: MSNBC.


As a webmaster, I use several browsers in order to test my new websites. Currently, I have 3 browsers in my window Vista machine. They are FireFox, Internet Explorer and Opera. To improve on the quality of my sites, I need a way to efficiently view my websites in different browsers.

Luckily, to my rescue, provides just that kind of service. With, you can test your web design in different browsers. The site provides a service that you can test your site in browsers such as Dillo, Epiphany, Galeon, Flock, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Konqueror for instance.

In short, provides a great service for webmaster to test web design in different browsers


After about 20 days since the first adsense competitive filter experiment. I have the following conclusion:

Competitive Ads filter is useless

Unlike the many hypes people hear, The Competitive Ads Filter seems to be useless to me. Since the introduction of the competitive ads filter experiment on 10 August 2008, my earning stay in a usual range i.e. there is no increase in the earning.

In short, you may want to use competitive ads filter if your earning per click is around 1 cent a click. If you have more than 5 cents a click, it seems like the ads filter does not have much effect anyway.


Today I went to the cinema alone to watch the movie The Band Visit as I have seen a 7.8 out of 10 rating by IMDB. This rating makes me want to know more about the movies.

The movie is just about 1 hour and half and is full of silence moment. It is an interesting movie and gives us a preview of how the daily Israel life is like. The story tells us about an Egyptian musical team visit Israel to play in an orchestra. For some reasons, they are lost in a small town where they had to spend a night there. The story ends when the next day arrived.

It is indeed deserve a 8 out of 10 star from me! It is funny yet political. A worth watching movie for everyone.

Another source: gonna watch it review


According to Google Experiment Lab, Google is experimenting with Digg style tool. That means, Google asks people to participate in the experiment where users can actually vote up and vote down the result of the site. This gives ability to the users to collectively work collaboratively to improve on the search result.

This research should probably be a testimonial to the reason why Google want to buy digg. The deal was speculated to be around $200 million dollar.

Personally, I dont think this system will work because:

People Factor
How many people do you think will bother to vote up and vote down the result? Understand that DIGG is only famous in the webmaster group and I personally would think that not that many people would be bother to vote up and vote down on the result. Furthermore, those webmasters could exploit the hole in this system. For instance, they can hire people to vote their site up of the result. So in this sense, it means the rich webmaster will get richer.

In a nutshell, as a webmaster we got to work harder to get our sites indexed by “not” just Google but other search engines too. Otherwise, we are likely to be enslave to the Google search empire.


To me, bad neighborhood refers to those back links you get from a sites that is:

1- Warez Sites
Warez site refers to a site that hosts illegal stuff such as download for Microsoft product, Credit Cards etc.

2- Hacking Tips Sites
This includes those phishing sites. This sites are considered bad in my honest opinion because they are teaching people to share illegal stuff and tips to hack into others’ servers. Definitely not a good back link.

3- Pornography Sites
Yep, you know what pornography sites are, right? There are cases that these websites hosted trojan files. When visitors visit their sites, they will get infected with trojan horse if their computers do not have Anti virus protection. Definitely, a no no to get link back from them.

4- Link Farm
This refers to a website that list unrelated links together. This is different from web directory where links are placed in the right directory.

In short, bad neighborhood are those sites that is considered unacceptable to most people. This concept is similar to the ethical concept in our daily life. So the next time you request back link for your site, remember to check the background of those sites.

Good luck.


Quality Content
Yep “quality” content. In this sense, I mean your website or blog must be written for usual human being. It should focus on issues that is useful and interesting enough to attract normal visitors “not” the search bot. This seems trivial and indeed you must write it for normal users. Simply because when your content is full of rubbish, you won’t be able to attract the visitors to revisit yoursites and at the end of the day, you will lose anyway.

Quality Back Link
Yep, “quality” back link. That means you need to get a back link that is somehow related to your website content. For instance, if you are running a forex type of website, you need to get quality back link from the similar sites such as forex or stock exchange site. DO NOT get link from bad neighborhood.

Linking keywords
Besides the quality link back, you need to make sure you do you homework in keyword research using the keyword search tool mentioned in earlier post. Make sure you choose several of those keywords for back links. This way, you most likely get result from various keywords searched by users.

Patient is the king
In a nutshell, I believe that patient seems to be the king in today’s SEO world. You can’t expect to see results immediately after you receive 1000 backlinks. You need to wait and yes during the waiting period, repeat the strategy earlier.

Good Luck