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Keywords Analysis and Tools

Keyword research is an important part of being a webmaster. This is because it is undeniable that people use search engine to perform their daily activity from searching for school materials to funny videos for pleasure. As such, as a webmaster we need to target the right keywords to be success in this endeavor.

There are two keywords tool that I’d like to share: Google Insight and Adwords Keyword tool

With Google Insight, we can analysis the trend in keyword usage. The Google Insight Tool is very detail and we can filter the result based on the location, time range and different season. Furthermore, we can compare various keywords altogether too. The other strong point about this tool is its ability to see the trend in graphical table (very useful).

With Google Adwords Keywords tool, we can determine what is the search volume for the keywords we try to target. The tool also provides us with the other keywords that are being searched by the surfers and hence it saves us a lot of time by showing exactly what people are searching.

In conclusion, use both the Google Insight and Adwords Keyword Tool for your keyword analysis.

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