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Arrived back to Singapore

November 29, 2008

After 2 years in Australia, I am finally back to Singapore to join the working force. It feels good to be back home and stay tune for more update on webmaster tips for beginner and intermediate users. john

Chrome is nothing but a gimmick

September 6, 2008

Google Chrome has released its own web browser application on 2nd September. It is a tool that Google wish to use in order to capture the Browser market. However, for one main reason that may not be necessarily possible. For instance, those Internet users who have Window Operating system, it is more likely that the […]

Facebook application and Phone bill

September 2, 2008

Canberra- Australia, 2nd September 2008 According to one source, if you have added a Facebook application that requested you to input your mobile number in return for the system to send you who has a crush on you. There are cases that such system can be so costly. If you need to stop it, simply […]

result of the adsense competitive filter

August 30, 2008

After about 20 days since the first adsense competitive filter experiment. I have the following conclusion: Competitive Ads filter is useless Unlike the many hypes people hear, The Competitive Ads Filter seems to be useless to me. Since the introduction of the competitive ads filter experiment on 10 August 2008, my earning stay in a […]

Driver License found

August 9, 2008

Along the way home from the mongol movie, I found this Driver License on the road. The license belong to miss Woodgate Keah Lynn and was made by the Queensland Transport Department of Australia. This post is intended to allow the owner to view it and hopefully contact me via the comment section. images removed […] released

August 8, 2008

After the whole day working, we have released which aims at showing the beauty of Singaporean girls. so check it out at

preah Vihear

August 5, 2008

This site: preah vihear crisis has been released on 5th August 2008